A Quick Breather

I have not yet caught up with the normal flow of time, but I am nearly there! Ironically, going back to work for the new school year has helped, putting me back into a routine (although the routine itself is abnormal). A sign of the slow return to normalcy is the fact that I have gotten back to writing.

Well, editing, actually. It is September now, somehow, and according to the Great Plan, September is the month where I being the first great edit of the manuscript I finished a few weeks ago. I usually dislike editing, but now the idea of sitting down and going over my own work has appeal. Perhaps its because I feel that this story has a lot of potential that needs to be implemented in the first half of the story, or perhaps its because I’m still fond of the characters. Whatever the case, I shall hopefully continue to edit for the next few months until its time for NaNoWriMo.

Hopefully, it shall be a productive month! (fingers crossed….)

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

tumblr_md7ial0GQl1qdyt3aLate last night, as I lay in bed wondering what else I had somehow neglected to do other than update my blog, I came to a discovery. Time was accelerating around me! Somehow my personal timeline fell out of sync with the timeline of the Universe, leaving me behind as it races on fast forward through the month of August!

Small wonder I can’t seem to get anything done! Effects are hitting me before my Causes are even finished! Everything that is not vital for the continued existence of myself and my frog have to be postponed until I solve this bizarre crisis. Fortunately I had planned to take August off for writing, concentrating on putting an outline together for NaNoWriMo (it was mostly done before Time got screwed up).

I don’t have a sonic screwdriver, but I do have about 60 packing boxes, 2 bridesmaid dresses, 1/2 set of china dishes, 1 frog, and an iPhone. I should be fine.

If nobody hears from me by the middle of September, please call the Doctor.

I Have a Plan. An Actual Plan. I Planned It.

At the completion of my two year long WIP (first draft), I celebrated by catching a cold and pondering my next move while downing DayQuil and Sinex. Somewhere during that time (and did I mention that I am trying to pack up over twenty years of my life to move?) I formulated a brilliant plan.

Yes, I have a plan! For what? NaNoWriMo…in November. The last few years I have simply jumped into that month-long writing marathon without much forethought, but this year I decided to actually THINK about what I want to do, and even do some *gasp* planning beforehand! What is the plan, you ask?



If some of you are wondering if I decided to take something a little stronger than DayQuil, please just bear with me. I don’t usually write outlines until I’m to the last third of the story and I’m trying to ensure that everything gets inserted in the right order before the end of the book. But this time I’m trying something different. I will outline the manuscript FIRST, and then take off with it during the Month of Literary Abandon. The plan is to get this outline, er, outlined, and then gauge to see if the manuscript flows faster this way.

In the meantime, since NaNoWriMo is still three months away, I shall also *sigh* start working on editing that first draft. The sooner the first draft is done, the sooner I can gleefully pawn it off to one of my amazing peer editors.

See? It’s a brilliant plan!


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The Victory Cold

Every year following NaNoWriMo, usually a day or two after I successfully pound out 50,000 words of literary genius, I get sick. A bad cold, the flu, etc. The Powers that Be are convinced that this is the result of stressing my brain out by spending too much time on my computer and not enough time doing things like eating or sleeping.

Now, as I lounge in bed with the mother of all head colds, I am convinced that the Powers that Be are wrong. This is not the result of putting too much pressure on myself to complete a 30 day goal. This is the result of me completing my goal, period.

Congratulations on completing your manuscript, self. Have an illness!

Perhaps it is some sort of subconscious way to exude the stress of not having a project to work on (which is silly, because my books always seem to cry for sequels). Whatever the reason, I am now going to sit back and unenjoy my gift to myself.

And maybe start sketching the sequel outline…

Foreign Friday: The Amazing End…of Part One



Naruto_Kurama_ModeI feel this awesome right now.

Yes, I am now the proud author of another brilliant manuscript! 358 pages of sheer literary genius, with an ending that demands a sequel! Dazzling characters, a flawless plot, lifelike settings! Never mind that I slightly feel as though I’ve only finished part one of a long series! I AM AN AUTHOR!!!!




Please excuse me as I drift happily along in the Clouds of Contentment until the Gravity of Editing pulls me back down to reality….

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Love Don’t Roam

I have recently become a Doctor Who addict, which while handing me months of awesome story ideas and character twists, has also gleefully swallowed a good deal of the time I’d planned to use to finish THE MANUSCRIPT. (It didn’t help that I found an enjoyable spin off series called The Sarah Jane Adventures). But while I’ve dunked myself in the world of time travel and aliens, I find myself constantly thinking, and eventually drifting back to my notebook or computer, and clanking away at THE MANUSCRIPT.


You know it’s love when you’d burn up a sun just to say goodbye. You know it’s love and dedication when you watch an excellent show and walk away thinking of all the possibilities for your own work. While others are talking about the plot twist, or their opinion of the acting and screenwriting, you are wondering if you changed this around, made another thing happen, put it in a different time period, and adjusted the outcome, could you use it in your own plot?

Even as I stray from THE MANUSCRIPT to watch British acting at work, my Love Don’t Roam.

Foreign Friday: Environmental Influences

Reading manga has really taught me to keep my horizons wide, since Japanese culture is not the same as American culture. Things that the characters do or say reflect the environment of the author, and if I’m not paying attention I won’t understand. But only recently have I considered the effect of my own environment upon READING.


Have you ever read a book or watched a movie, and then forever related it to the events or location during which you first read/watched it? Pride and Prejudice in the summer. Cardcaptor Sakura in the spring. The Lord of the Rings at Christmas time. The Hunger Games in a windowless room with dry snack food. Harry Potter in the back of a minivan. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with my brothers, watching them play and reading out the strategy guide for the Water Temple. Can’t read Redwall without cheese and iced tea. Final Fantasy XIII at a friend’s, trying to figure out the plot and debating the pros and cons of Xbox vs PlayStation.

I’ve found that those environmental relations tend to color how I remember the story (hot, cold, fun, lousy).  Starting Naruto Shippuden was super exciting, but it could have been because I started reading it at Easter after having given up manga for Lent. I hated The Hunger Games, but perhaps it had something to do with the institutional room and substandard food I was eating, making me feel a little too sympathetic. Final Fantasy is awesome and intricate, but it may be colored by the pleasure of playing it with my friend.

These are the fun observations that can lead to brilliant character development! And it all started because I wanted to finish a video game…



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