A Quick Breather

I have not yet caught up with the normal flow of time, but I am nearly there! Ironically, going back to work for the new school year has helped, putting me back into a routine (although the routine itself is abnormal). A sign of the slow return to normalcy is the fact that I have gotten back to writing.

Well, editing, actually. It is September now, somehow, and according to the Great Plan, September is the month where I being the first great edit of the manuscript I finished a few weeks ago. I usually dislike editing, but now the idea of sitting down and going over my own work has appeal. Perhaps its because I feel that this story has a lot of potential that needs to be implemented in the first half of the story, or perhaps its because I’m still fond of the characters. Whatever the case, I shall hopefully continue to edit for the next few months until its time for NaNoWriMo.

Hopefully, it shall be a productive month! (fingers crossed….)