The Victory Cold

Every year following NaNoWriMo, usually a day or two after I successfully pound out 50,000 words of literary genius, I get sick. A bad cold, the flu, etc. The Powers that Be are convinced that this is the result of stressing my brain out by spending too much time on my computer and not enough time doing things like eating or sleeping.

Now, as I lounge in bed with the mother of all head colds, I am convinced that the Powers that Be are wrong. This is not the result of putting too much pressure on myself to complete a 30 day goal. This is the result of me completing my goal, period.

Congratulations on completing your manuscript, self. Have an illness!

Perhaps it is some sort of subconscious way to exude the stress of not having a project to work on (which is silly, because my books always seem to cry for sequels). Whatever the reason, I am now going to sit back and unenjoy my gift to myself.

And maybe start sketching the sequel outline…

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