Love Don’t Roam

I have recently become a Doctor Who addict, which while handing me months of awesome story ideas and character twists, has also gleefully swallowed a good deal of the time I’d planned to use to finish THE MANUSCRIPT. (It didn’t help that I found an enjoyable spin off series called The Sarah Jane Adventures). But while I’ve dunked myself in the world of time travel and aliens, I find myself constantly thinking, and eventually drifting back to my notebook or computer, and clanking away at THE MANUSCRIPT.


You know it’s love when you’d burn up a sun just to say goodbye. You know it’s love and dedication when you watch an excellent show and walk away thinking of all the possibilities for your own work. While others are talking about the plot twist, or their opinion of the acting and screenwriting, you are wondering if you changed this around, made another thing happen, put it in a different time period, and adjusted the outcome, could you use it in your own plot?

Even as I stray from THE MANUSCRIPT to watch British acting at work, my Love Don’t Roam.

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