Penultimate Plans

Have you ever been so bored that you read the dictionary for entertainment? If you are the percentage of the world who would rather do a page of division problems to pass the time, you don’t know what you’re missing. For one, there are loads of words in the English language that the average person never uses, which is really too bad, because some of them have fascinating meanings! Take misfeasance, or penultimate. Penultimate is a great word which basically means ‘second to last.’ That is exactly how I can describe my ongoing work in progress.


I am at the penultimate scene before the final climax! At last, I get a few tantalizing answers before the main characters go charging off to the End. Of course, I really thought that I’d have reached the penultimate scene a while ago, but so many interesting subplots developed, that I really couldn’t help myself from taking a few detours. But at last, the penultimate moment is here, and if I stop dawdling, I may even reach the Final Scene before *gasp* the week is out!

This week’s goal is to cross over the Penultimate Hurdle! Onward, brave writer!

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