Independence Day!

Okay, so I’m a little early, not that it’s stopping my neighbors from pulling out the big fireworks five days in advance in the middle of the night. As I batten down the hatches of my house for what the weathermen declared to be an “excessive heat warning” today, (and by heat wave they mean like *gasp* 90 degrees!) I find myself lured to my porch swing, and thinking about just taking an early-morning nap.


But then I think of my novel, so, so close to completion! It may be summer, it may be the week of the 4th, I may be on vacation, and it may actually be hot today (by Western Washington standards, at least) but I have a responsibility to my WIP! The plot is nearly-almost-practically at the climax, and my poor main character is in the hospital. I may be free to slack off, but independence isn’t about “not having to do anything,” it’s about making a stand for fair choices, and taking one’s freedom responsibly! It’s about compromise! It’s about balancing nap on the porch swing with WIP progression!

Have a great Independence Day, and may your bbq’s and fireworks be awesome!


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