Foreign Friday: America!

I’ve been watching the BBC show Doctor Who, and every time an American shows up, I have to laugh. The playboy. The power-hungry millionaire. The presidential jerk. The stereotypes are hilarious. It’s often the same in manga, American’s are usually oddly dressed, pushy, and power hungry. The Japanese obvious don’t have any higher opinion of us than the British do.

Of course, we do the same to them…


(If all Americans were like Captain Jack, I think we’d be in trouble.)

Stereotypes and preconceptions are often wrong, but they are enlightening. If this is what is being noticed, there must be a reason. What do we do that makes this impression, despite the fact that most of us in the good old US are far from millionaires, and love to bash our government and debate the jerkiness of our president? What shows?

As writers, there are a lot of character stereotypes that can be drawn from. The naive heroine. The dark, brooding antihero, etc. But if we leave them as stereotypes, how can we get the truth across? What are they really like? If you dig deep enough, you can break through the stereotype and create a real person.

What sort of crazy stereotypes have you heard of?

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