End is Nigh Jitters

[sound of dust swiffing off of the monitor] Sorry I was AWOL last week. The closer I get to the end of a manuscript is directly proportional to the amount of other things that crop up in my life that must trump novel completion. But now it is summer, the season of my most prolific writing! (fingers are crossed).

I am very near the end of my WIP, and the closer I get, the more I feel as though I need to go back and change stuff. The beginning is too slow. One character doesn’t do much, while this secondary character has way too much screen time. The whole overarching plot has shifted from when I began writing. I didn’t give enough foreshadowing to this or that. I can’t finish it like this! AHHHHHHH! I’m a terrible writer!

These, dear readers, are what I call “end is nigh jitters.” They are the icky feelings of inadequacy that keep your WIP as just a WIP, and never a completed story. When I first started out writing, I was of the opinion that edits were for people who couldn’t write well. It took me a long, long time to realize that I was one of them. Actually, most every good writer is one of them, (unless you’re O’Henry. Which just isn’t fair.) Edits are good. Edits make your work of genius shine better. But edits need to happen once the story is FINISHED.

I must overcome my neurosis! I will finish this WIP! I must not look back yet!!!!

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