Perspective Practice

In college I took a creative writing class where the instructor challenged us to try telling the story through the eyes of an unusual character. How would the story impact the toddler, the grandfather, the dog, the cat? She then told us that she once wrote a short story three different times – through the eyes of each of the characters present – and then sat back to see which one had the best perspective.


In my current WIP, I am trying this approach to see which parts of the story can be best shown through the eyes of which character. Since the entire thing is in first person, I am limited to what the storytelling character is seeing, doing, and thinking to tell the reader what is going on. Since there is a lot going on (I can never make my plots simple for some reason) I needed a different perspective to show what was happening elsewhere. This became an interesting exercise, since the unfolding events would strike different people different ways. Now it is a question of “who could express this scene best?”

Do any of you have good tips or schemes to work with perspective?


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