Foreign Friday: Swords Make the Man

Ever notice in stories that the hero can be identified by an object? If I think ‘character with a sword,’ I quickly come up with Ichigo’s Zongetsu, his ultra-powerful zanpaku-to. Inuyasha’s heirloom sword Tetsusaiga. Rurouni Kenshin’s reverse blade sword. Kanda’s Innocence Mugen. You can’t really picture them without their trusty sword, right?


Sometimes this identity starts to get to the point where you don’t expect the hero to ever do anything without his sword. This weapon defines him! He is nothing without it!

Uh-oh. Help! The character has been swallowed by his powerful sword!

Losing a character’s identity within his main accessory can be a danger. The character becomes the tool a writer uses to bring in the ultimate weapon. Of course, this danger is not just with swords. Magic powers, special cars, and other things can overshadow the character they are supposed to be supporting. Fortunately, the characters listed above are properly nurtured to be able to act and have a personality beyond their steel.

The same cannot be said with some of my characters….

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