Bad Wolf: Fight to the Finish

In keeping with my topic last week, DON’T LOOK BACK, there is another grave hinderance that keeps us from concluding what we’ve started. Second guessing. We can easily second guess our own work into the grave because we have doubts about our creative genius. Maybe we’re corny. Maybe we’re overly dramatic. Maybe we really don’t have any idea about how to write relationships well. Maybe we constantly write purple prose. Maybe we forget to write details about the setting. Maybe the plot is boring. But to all these questions we must answer conclusively:

Who cares?

If you don’t want people to see your manuscript because of all its supposed flaws, for heaven’s sake don’t quit and burn it in the backyard! Finish it! Fight to the bitter end! If you feel the need to keep it padlocked in a fireproof safe, do so. Get it written! Discover the ending! Fight to the finish!

And just remember, sometimes corny is a good thing. Exciting, imaginative, and occasionally complexly intense can grow out of corny. For instance, I have just started watching Doctor Who, and I have to say I thought the first few episodes were pretty corny. But I kept watching, and now…


Ah, isn’t it fantastic?

Don’t stifle your imagination with self-doubt. Be creative, and see where it leads! Find out how the story – your story – ends!


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