Tying Up Loose Ends

The closer I get to the climax, the more I realize I need to resolve all those issues that cropped up alongside the main plot. The more I try to resolve these issues before I reach the climax, the longer it takes to actually get to the climax. And the longer it takes for me to get to the climax, the slower the plot moves.


how to tie your shoes

I am a reader who loves resolution. I am the fan that asks, “what happened to the side character that was completely unimportant except in that one scene?” I want to know the conclusions to all side plots, all twists, all turns. (This is why I hated Lost). As a writer, I am determined that any stone I nudge within the story gets turned. I like to write a complete world.

Oddly, that takes a long time….

Alas, I have no choice but to tread onward, pause every few scenes to tie up another loose end.

(Picture courtesy of http://showtyingfordummies.blogspot.com/)

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