Foreign Friday: Manga Villain Awards

Welcome to the Manga Villain Awards, where I will hand out fictitious awards to some of my favorite (and least favorite) manga and anime bad guys. SPOILER ALERT. If you want to read/watch any of these in the future, please abstain from the rest of this post.

Disclaimer: These are all based on what I’ve read/seen, and how far I’ve gotten. This list is always going to be subject to change.

#1 Most Despicable Award


Father (Fullmetal Alchemist). There is something plainly evil about a being that is perfectly okay with slaughtering an entire country so that he can be a god. Coming in a close second would be humans in the anime Vandread.

#2 Most Psychologically Challenged


Creed (Black Cat). This guy is an obsessive sociopath. He’s totally nuts. The runner up for this would be Dilandau from the anime The Vision of Escaflowne.

#3 Most Predictable


Naraku (Inuyasha). Possibly because the series stretches on so far, Naraku becomes rather predictable in his actions and schemes. Fortunately he redeems himself and becomes interesting again right at the end.

#4 Most Surprising Identity


Emperor Dornkirk/Sir Isaac Newton (The Vision of Escaflowne). Discovering that the bad guy was actually Sir Isaac Newton is hard to beat. Seriously? A runner up for the award would be Seishiro from Tokyo Bablyon. I didn’t see that one coming either.

#5 Most Annoyingly Overly Powerful


Aizen (Bleach). I’ve ragged on this guy’s absurd amount of power and genius in previous posts, so I won’t say much more. This guy was just annoying by the time the end rolled around!


#6 Coolest Turncoat


Gaara (Naruto). From a blood lusting insomniac to the coolest kazekage, Gaara has come a long way from the Chunin Exams.

#7 Coolest Antihero


Shesshomaru (Inuyasha). He’s not good, he’s not necessarily evil, but he’s way cool….

#8 Most Creatively Complicated Schemes


Fei-Wang Reed (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle). It’s not every bad guy who is the villain of two simultaneous series, and whose plans include clones, multi-dimensional traps, and repeated time traveling.

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