Shut Up and Fight

Two enemies meet. It is a long expected battle. You tense up in your chair, ready for action. The protagonists shouts that this will be the end of the antagonist. The antagonist retorts that no, this is but a part of a well-laid plan that he’d concocted back at the beginning of the story, and the protagonist has merely followed the path. The protagonist is shocked. The antagonist monologues.

…..when are they going to fight?!


One of the greatest problems I encounter with books (especially manga) is the build up for what could be an awesome fight, and then there is a info dump session right on top of it. You lose all the pent-up energy that you’ve stored to burn while reading the about how the two characters pummeled each other (and waiting for the protagonist to pull out the Secret Move), and then it ebbs away as Ye Long Winded bad guy drones on.

Action scenes can easily get cluttered with unnecessary talking and thinking. Yes, talking and thinking is important, but there are better places to reveal the antagonist’s tragic backstory or ridiculously cunning plan than the second before the fight. I speak from experience, for I too was a pre-fight monologuer, and have had to work hard to break that habit and find other moments for which to drop those crucial bits of information.

Really, just let the characters duke it out.

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