Foreign Friday: There’s Never Enough Money to Buy All You Love

If I bought all the manga I wanted, I’d drive myself straight into the poor house. Whenever I feel as though I can’t afford anything, I read Rin-Ne. No matter how tight my finances feel, they won’t ever compare to the lifetime of debt and poverty that Rinne Rokudo must deal with (in a very humorous fashion of course).


I don’t have to live in my school’s old clubhouse with no electricity or water. I don’t have to use my special powers to convince my classmates to giving money and food in exchange for solving their supernatural problems. I don’t have a side job making fake flowers, nor do I have to wear my middle school clothes instead of the high school’s actual uniform. I don’t have a main gig that saves the spirits of those who can’t pass on (which is expensive), and I certainly don’t have an otherworldly group of shinigami, demons, swindling relatives, and evil spirits that want all the money I don’t have (and then kill me).

With so little money, you’d think Rinne wouldn’t be able to do anything. Yet he still manages to have a circle of friends who help him out (when they’re not completely in his way), a loyal black cat by contract, an affectionate grandmother, and a girl who he….er…is determined to just look after. Really.

Money can’t buy the important things in life.

But it’s always nice to have.

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