Foreign Friday’s New Look

As some of you may have noticed, the last few Foreign Fridays have not been about manga or even anime at all (gasp!). This is because I have sadly not read anything worth blogging about recently that I hadn’t blogged about before. It is the curse of being an avid re-reader; I loved to read books – not just manga – enough times until I have whole sections memorized. I can’t help it. If I love it, I read it to death. I do the same with anime and normal movies too. I’m an insane Naruto quoter. It makes up for the hideous price of manga here in the U.S. if I read it thirty times right after I buy it, and then go back to it every few months. However, this does make me look as though I don’t venture out much. I do!…when I’m not re-reading something else I thought was awesome.


Because of this habit, I decided to change the way I run Foreign Friday. Now I shall focus on writing knowledge and ideas that I’ve gleaned from the great mangaka of Japan (and other places too!).

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