Too Many Good Ideas

Watch a movie, get a good idea.

Take a walk, get a good idea.

Read a book, get a great idea.

Play a video game, get an awesome idea.

Hang out with friends, get a excellent idea.

Look at pictures, get a freaking awesome idea.

Take a nap, get a good idea.

Etc. Etc. Etc.


Inspiration is everywhere, from the way your coworker always wears impractical shoes, to the video game with the lousy graphics but the wicked story plot (those just make me jealous that I can’t think up that sort of plot twists). Those of us that love this sort if inspiration are wise to write them down; however, this often results in two dozen notebooks, five separate files on the computer, and a plague-of-locust amount of sticky notes. This is all well and good, (even the sticky notes) until to try to fit them all into your current work.

Trust me, this is not always the best idea. I have this problem all the time, and I often end up with too many characters, a slow plot (when there is plot), and fractured cohesion. When this occurs, it becomes necessary to trim the excess off, apologize to the characters that will not be appearing (don’t worry, I’m sure I can find other bad things to happen to you another time), and hoarding the setting/plot stuff for the probable sequel.

Still, sometimes you strike gold, so it always pays to have your eyes open!

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