Spring Writing Fever

As writers, we all go through stages where we look at the act of putting finger to keyboard (or pen to paper if we’re more old school) with total ambivalence. There are times we just don’t want to write, and the idea feels like overdue homework. And there are times when you REALLY REALLY just want to sit down, and be left alone and WRITE!

Funny how the last one usually happens when you are either not home, or too busy with those darn mundane things to do anything about it.

Work is the worst place to get writing fever (unless you are a professional author, in which case I envy you deeply). “Sorry, I can’t write that report, my characters are in a jam, and I just realized the best way for them to get out of AND progress the story at the same time,” doesn’t often go over well were I work. “I can’t take that kid to the lunchroom until this fight scene is done,” isn’t a winner either. The best I can do is try to bottle up all that energy and verve until I get home.

By that time it’s usually gone…

I simply cannot wait for summer!

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