Spring Vacation = Writing While Watching Snow Fall?!



I went off on my only annual vacation which requires me to leave the state for more than a three day weekend. While I was only gone a matter of eleven days or so, it has taken me an equal amount of time to recover from it and get back into my usual routines (I am a creature of habit. I love routines.) Now that I feel like I’m “back,” it’s back to the blog! The biggest news is:


I’m still not sure how that miracle occurred, but I did indeed get a good chunk of my WIP written while I was vacationing. It makes me wish I could go on vacation all the time; just think of how much I could get written if I didn’t have to go to work! And since I was on vacation, there was no pressure, and I felt as though every word I wrote was a bonus point. I could relax, and write something too! Of course, I would have liked to enjoy spring too, but where I was, spring hadn’t deigned to arrive yet. Winter was still clutching the countryside with tenacious fingers. But, all in all, a job well done!

Talk about the best vacation ever! I even got work done when I was stuck at the airport after I missed my connection to Seattle!

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