Where Did this Wall Come From?

Ever turn a corner and discover a wall that hadn’t been there before? If so literally, your home/office/place where the incident occurred could be possessed. If metaphorically, then join the ranks of writers and artists who suddenly discover that the route they had been taking is no longer available. Sometimes this is a problem with the plot, or a character, other times it is simply WRITING.

I am not technically, actually, really experiencing writer’s block. I’m not. I can see where I’m going, and where I want to end up, but I can’t seem to get there. In order to think about it clearly, I often find that I need to step back from my writing for a few days and think about other things, allowing the problem to stew (or waiting for the drywall in the metaphoric wall to become damp and the woodwork to be infested with termites). When I try to actively think a problem like this out, I tend to overanalyze, so I decided to find something to engage my mind that had nothing to do with the WIP.

What did I choose? How about learning to write Hiragana?


Ten characters in, I have a new respect for people who can write this language with any sort of speed, and I have a semi-solution to break down my wall!

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