From Point A to Point B, via C, E, U, J, and Y that got forgotten but has to occur before D

Sometimes I feel like a scene-it writer. I have a specific scene, or action sequence in my head, and I spend an entire novel trying to get to the point where the characters finally enact it. This can be frustrating when, in the process of reaching the Ultimate Scene, you start throwing in other plot twists that need to be reconciled before you can move on. “I’m almost there! Oh wait, this has to happen first…”


I can’t complain, since it is this sort of motivation that got Universe of the Soul completed.

I don’t actually work with an outline for my WIP until I reach about the final third of the story. Then I usually have to stop and make a timeline, or a sort of checklist, of things that need to occur and in what order before I can reach the end (which is usually the Ultimate Scene, and no matter how mundane the U.S. actually is, it is the stimulus for the entire story and is therefore the most important part to me and this is a very long sentence.) It’s at this point that I often discover that there is more going on in the story than I originally intended, and the end is not as nigh as I assumed. When I reached this stage last time, the end was not nigh for another five or six months. Still, if I want to write the U.S. then I have to get the story to the point where it happens, right? Does that sound like grade school teacher talk to anyone else?

Reaching and writing that scene is the biggest motivator I can have to finish a story I write.

What gets you going?

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