Foreign Friday: Thoughts About Serials 4, The Climax

Climax! The goal of the story, what everyone who reads a story is striving to reach (with enjoyment and fascination, hopefully). It can make a reader come back again and again…or be the reason the book is dumped out a window or into a convenient fire. The climax is the point of the story, or the moment where the main character exhibits change, or the world ends, or whatever the goal of the story is. Screwing up the climax screws up the book. Period.


The same can be said with serials. In fact, the longer a serial runs, the more dubious the final climax can be. In some manga I’ve read, the climax is never reached, usually due to the series being cancelled or ended prematurely. They feel abrupt and disappointing (all that potential for nothing…). In others, the series outran the original plot, and the event that should have been the climax just becomes one bump in a longer series of bumps, and the whole fabric of the story becomes twisted. (I won’t name names, but trust me author, readers can tell…)

The manga series whose climax draws upon events and information that the main character enacted or obtained in order to create the climax, or climaxes that are completely unexpected twists (and yet stay within the framework of the story), are the ones that readers talk about. The story in which the climax is the GOAL is the one that people remember.

The goal is the GOAL!

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