Foreign Friday: Thoughts About Serials 3, Sub Plots and Secondary Characters

Its obvious that the longer the story is, the more opportunity you have to add development to the main characters. But have you ever noticed that the longer a series is, the more prolific and the more detailed the secondary characters become? Suddenly, you are just as concerned about a side character’s sub-plot troubles as you are with the hero on the main quest! This becomes very apparent in manga, and an excellent example can be found in Naruto. There are several arcs within the series where Naruto isn’t in it at all until the end! Even the author Masashi Kishimoto admits overhearing that Naruto “is a manga where the main character isn’t very involved is used quite stingily.”


Because most stories won’t allow everything to happen to the main character in a prolonged series, having secondary characters take the fore is an expected outcome. However, just make sure that you remember who the main character in the story is, and to keep them in focus!

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