This Week, Surely…

Ever feel like you set goals for yourself, and then everything in the world tries to keep you from making those goals? If you’re like me, it happens something like this:

Set a goal on Sunday: “I will edit 10 chapters this week!”

But on Monday: Lent begins. Church in the evening.

And on Tuesday: The discovery that the shawl you wanted to finish knitting by Easter is going to take a lot longer than you originally supposed. All free time is devoted to knitting.

Then on Wednesday: Recertification training for work.

Thus on Thursday: Knit! Knit! Knit!

Which leads to Friday: You start coming down with a cold. Plus, you go to church since it’s the first week of Lent.

And Saturday: Yes, its definitely a cold. However, you promised to help out at a friend’s, so you go.

Finally it’s Sunday: Your friend who is getting married planned a get-together. You go, have a good time, then come home and feel like your cold is more like a cat clawing at your throat.

Editing chapter count: zero.

The goal was completely cast aside due to the sudden onslaught of a half dozen things that crop up the minute you make such a resolution. Does that make me a bad writer? No. What should I do about it? Well, I shall simply try again this week!

This week, surely…

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