Nothing Can Be Explained

Have you ever reached a point in you life where you feel like you’ve run into a room with no doors or windows? The walls are mirrored, and all you see is yourself asking, why? Why? Why? In the end you feel as though there aren’t any answers to be had. Nothing can be explained.


As a writer, we often feel as though we need to have the answers for everything that goes on in our world. We are the supreme creator, after all, shouldn’t we know what’s going to happen, and the ins and outs of every plot twist? Maybe we should. Do we need to reveal it all? Probably not. Sometimes our characters will do something inexplicable, or the plot will take a twist that surprises us. Should it all make sense? Does everything need to follow logic? Well…interesting thought.

We humans sometimes run into that mirrored room. For a character, being in a situation that doesn’t make sense can be the turning point, where they can experience change (and that is the driving force for every character, isn’t it?). Sometimes acknowledging that nothing can be explained will open a door or a window, at least for a character. If you don’t think that’ll work, look at the TV series Lost. Was everything explained there?

In case you are wondering, the source of my semi-philosophical musings is the song Nothing Can Be Explained from the soundtrack to Bleach: Fade to Black. Music is one of my favorite sources of inspiration.

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