Epic Climaxes, Video Game Style



When I am at a loss for an idea, or if I’m just bored, I like to watch video games. Not play video games, I am not very coordinated with a controller, and I get too involved with the lives of the characters to risk running the main character off a cliff several times in a row, or in failing a mission. It’s not the game play that I look forward to, but the story line.

Come on, I can’t be the only one who wishes that there were novels for some of these games, right?

Take the game Tales of Vesperia. It’s a long, story driven game with great anime-like graphic and a host of entertaining characters. For us cinematic lovers there are hundreds of skits that occur depending one what you are doing in the game. I love it! I had absolutely no desire to play it, so I had someone else play it for me while I watched, and knit during the fight sequences. That is bliss. [FYI: when they say that gathering the Fell Arms makes the final boss a lot more difficult, they really should have said A WHOLE FREAKING LOT MORE DIFFICULT! It was painful to watch.]


For us writers, video games can offer some great inspirations, and I especially like to watch how they gear up for, and handle, climax scenes. The flow of the game from action to cinematic to credits can sometimes help me with ending scenes.

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