NaNoWriMo: Time to Prep!

The month of October is in its final full week. Writers are boring their friends with reminders that next week is the beginning of National Novel Writers Month, recalling past NaNoWriMo efforts, and speculating on this year’s possibilities. A lot of chatting about writing, staring off into space, and such is starting to occur. For example, this blog is starting to get really short.

Many of us writers are prepping for the 50,000 word challenge. Some of us are prepping by saying that we’re prepping and occasionally thinking about it in an offhand way. Some of us are making idea boards and outlines, and some of us have super-outlines, with diagrams and illustrations. It doesn’t matter how you work, prep is important, and that is what I am going to ponder about offhandedly for the next few days!

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