Time to Think

As NaNoWriMo inches closer (only three more weeks!), I begin to gear up for a whole month of writing my fingers off. What do I do?

I go to the beach. There won’t be any vacations other than Turkey Day next month.

I knit. Need to finish some projects before I dive into writing.

I socialize with my friends. I won’t be very social next month.

I enjoy the rainy weather. Who knows if I’ll have time to look out the window?

I watch some movies. Won’t have time later.

I do not write. I’ll be doing this for weeks on end.

All in all, I am resting the writing fingers, assuring my friends that I am not dropping off the face of the earth because I don’t like them, and not stressing my writing portion of my brain for the next few weeks.

Because when I do NaNoWriMo, I do it to win!

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