Foreign Friday: The Legend of Chun Hyang

This week’s Foreign Friday title is The Legend of Chun Hyang by CLAMP.

The Story

Chun Hyang is the feisty young daughter of the village shaman and a master of the martial arts. When a tyrannical warlord threatens harmony in her village and abducts one of her friends, Chun Hyang vows revenge and sets off on an adventure that would become a legend.

The Characters

Chun Hyang is young, brave, and endearing. Mong Ryong is cool, handsome, and often surprising.

What I Thought

Since it is based on Korean folklore, I was very interested to read The Legend of Chun Hyang. It lived up to my expectations in that it has a typical complicated CLAMP plot, detailed illustrations, and a very promising beginning. Unfortunately, there are only a few chapters in this series total, so the single volume is all you get for the story. Still, I enjoyed what there was of it.

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