Foreign Friday: Cactus’s Secret

This week’s Foreign Friday title is Cactus’s Secret by Nana Haruta.

The Story

Miku Yamada has a longtime crush on classmate Kyohei Fujioka. But no matter how many times she tries to show him how she feels, clueless Kyohei just doesn’t get it. Frustrated, Miku gives up on him, only to have him start calling her “Cactus” for being prickly when he’s around. Will Kyohei ever figure out Cactus’s secret?

The Characters

Miku really is your average girl, determined to tell the boy of her dreams how she feels. She’s intelligent, determined, and at her wit’s end. Kyohei is a boy who is generally mellow, unacademic, kind, and obtuse. How could any girl resist him?

What I Thought

Cactus’s Secret has charm in that it’s a story that could really happen (and probably has). Its easy to relate with a girl who’s affection keeps getting bounced back with a smile and an oblivious joke. It’s not a particularly complex story, but the emotions get through, and the art is very enjoyable. It is a shorter series, complete at 4 volumes, all here in English in the U.S.

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