I’m a Writer, but My Life Keeps Getting in the Way

I had some lovely plans this summer to finish the WIP I’d started last November. You know the dream; you get up every morning, greeting the sun (which will always be out), have a lazy cup of tea, maybe some breakfast, and then take that laptop out onto the porch swing and crank out a chapter or two. Barring a few days at the beach, it’ll go smoothly and the WIP will be done by August.

I’m not sure if I finished a single chapter all summer, and here it’s the end of September. What happened?

Life happened. It’s a fact that Life attacks all writers at random and can rarely be anticipated. There’s no way to keep life from interfering, unless you choose to be a recluse (which isn’t recommended. No matter how tempting at times). The lesson is to just roll with Life’s punches, suck it in when it beats down your writing, and try to take what comes and store it for further writing material.

Sometimes your Life interferes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of it!

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