I’ve A World of Victims with No One to Blame.

…Wait, if that happens, then it means X really isn’t the bad guy! He’s just another poor sap who’s been twisted by Y and the circumstances of his life! But Y can’t be the bad guy, I didn’t even plan for him to be in the story at all; besides, this is bigger than Y. Is it Z? What in the world could motivate Z to do this heinous deed? It’s ridiculous…but…that means that Z would never be a suspect. Z could get away with anything because she is such an unlikely culprit! Whoa! Then again, why would Z do it?

I’ve confessed in previous blogs that I don’t always line up the ultimate bad guy of a story before I start writing, thinking that it’ll work itself out once I see how the characters unfold in the opening acts of the plot. Thus, mental conversations with myself occur when it is time to hammer out the story’s End Goal. In this case, I seriously thought it was X, and was planning accordingly until I realized that while X was a cruel jerk of a human being, he didn’t have the sort of long-term planning strategies required for what was going on. Y hadn’t appeared in the story, and while I hate bad guys who only make appearances at the End,  my real motive for not choosing him was because my story was already cluttered with people. I overlooked Z several times before I finally settled on her, and one question still stumps me. WHY? Why does she do the things she does? What is she after?

And it hit me, at about 11:30 at night when I’d settled in bed. Of course, something much larger was going on that the main characters hadn’t seen! Something huge, dark and (naturally) deadly! I snickered in glee at the prospect of such terrifying revelations. And then realized I have now probably doubled the length of my book. Sigh.

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