I Mesmerize Myself

While I could say that this summer has been one of the busiest I’ve ever had, it certainly wasn’t on the writing front. I excuse some of it as “research”, ie watching TV shows I’ve missed. (The Legend of Korra and Warehouse 13. Both enjoyable, although I thought Korra was waaaay too short!). I don’t think I so much as opened my WIP document since June, but I have been editing my previous work.

Oh, editing. It’s not so bad. It’s up there with traffic jams, work training days, and scrubbing dishes; not fun, but productive. It shouldn’t be taking as long as it is, but whenever I start clinically working to input my changes, I gradually drift into the story and start reading it instead of editing it. “I forgot I wrote this part….hmm, interesting…this part could be worked on…[insert daydream here] oh, wait, I was supposed to be editing!” I do a lot of backtracking that way.

What can I say? I mesmerize myself.

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