Sometimes it’s Just Work

Writing is a fun, exciting process of inspiration and design. It’s usually enjoyable, and often surprising. If you make it to the finish, you truly feel like you accomplished something.

Then comes time to edit. If you’re lucky, you are not the person who has to take the first whack and x-many hours of your life. But someone has to. The fun and impulse drains away, and it starts feeling like WORK.

Okay, so it’s work, but it is also an opportunity to sit back and look at your work more carefully than perhaps you were when you first started writing. Now is the time time flesh out any skimpy details, hack down those meandering dialogues or descriptions. Now is the time for a narrowed eyed look at every line. Think of it like trimming bonsai trees; long term investment for a striking beauty.

Yes, its work, but it’s a work of improvement! Improvement I say!

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