Still Austen Bingeing, But With Some Productivity

With the happy The End of Pride and Prejudice on Friday, I allowed myself to move on…to some of her other works. Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, aren’t they great? But in between these bursts of reading some of the Classics of romance, I have been writing. Yes, I have recalled that I do write, am in the midst of a story, and that my characters have lingered long enough.

Have you ever gone back to a WIP and realized that some of your characters look differently that you’d thought when you last closed down your word processor? Suddenly, the father and the romantic interest have Mr. Darcy traits, and the main character could be a crossover between Eleanor Dashwood and Elizabeth Bennet. I swear I didn’t start out with those intentions, but now that I look at it…hmm, not bad. And now that I think about it, my antagonist is a lot like Mr. Wickham, a handsome, charming complete jerk totally out for his own satisfaction. Jane can pat herself on the back for being such an influence on me.

Other than my apparent subconscious desire for Austen-like characters, my writing style is nothing like hers. Not that it should be. But it does make me more conscious of my writing style – to make it timeless, so that it can be enjoyed after my generation.

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