Foreign Friday: Alice in the Country of Hearts

This week’s Foreign Friday title is Alice in the Country of Hearts by QuinRose and Soumei Hoshino.


The Story

Kidnapped by a handsome man with rabbit ears, Alice Liddell finds herself abandoned in an odd place called Wonderland and thrust into a “game,” the rules of which she has yet to learn. Alice, ever the plucky tomboy, sets off to explore and get the lay of this strange land, intent on finding her rude kidnapper and giving him a piece of her mind (and her fist). But little does she know that she’s wandered right into the middle of a dangerous power struggle involving just about all of Wonderland’s attractive, weapon-happy denizens. And the only way for Alice to return home is to get acquainted with the lot of them?! How in the world will she manage that and still manage to stay alive?!

The Characters

Most of the characters are based off of Lewis Carroll’s famous cast. Alice, however, shows a lot more common sense than Carroll’s depiction, even going so far as to question the things that occur around her. Apart from her and Julius Monrey, the clock fixer, the inhabitants of Wonderland generally come across as violent sociopaths…until you get to know them…mostly.

What I Thought

An Alice with sense! Ah, bliss! (okay, so Carroll and I don’t see eye-to-eye on his most famous character). I found the characters in Alice in the Country of Hearts to be interesting, but it was the mystery of the plot that really had be flipping the pages. Why is Alice in Wonderland? What is wrong with Wonderland itself? I enjoyed the way the two authors spun the personalities and visual characteristics of such characters and the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, and the Cheshire Cat. It’s funny, and violent, and mysterious, and violent, and has an interesting romance spin….and violence. There are 5 volumes currently available in English in the U.S.

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