On Again, Off Again

Yep, that describes my writing for the past couple of months. Why? It’s not because I have nothing to write, or because I have writer’s block, or because I don’t have access to writing materials, or even because I don’t have any iced tea to compliment my writing. So, why then? I’ve been savoring this scene. It’s not a crucial one, but I feel very connected to the characters at this particular point, and I don’t want to write it and not get the right vibe across. In other words, I’ve been stalling until I can get myself in the right frame of mind. I’ve managed most of it between the time summer began and today, all that is left is one last piece, for which I just needed to get into the right frame of mind…

On Sunday I went into Ballard and listened to a local band play at Sonic Boom Records, called Lemolo. They started playing, and I had an “Aha!” this was just the vibe I was looking for! There’s nothing better than music to help me get the right tone across. Needless to say, I enjoyed the concert, listening to good music as all the little pieces fell into place in my mind.

Today I have their album playing on repeat, ready to wrap up this scene. Ah, writing bliss.

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