I’m a Genius.

Have you ever sat back from your WIP, taken a breath, and realized that you are the best writer ever. That chapter rivaled Stephen King, or that scene reads as clearly as a movie clip, the wording more eloquent than Shakespeare. Or, at the very least, you feel as though it could hold its own among the works of your writer idols.

If you have never felt that way, then I suggest learning to build your self esteem.

I have often confessed to the habit of wishing I could rewrite other peoples’ books. The characters should have done this, or the plot would have been more interesting if that had happened. Before you criticize, please be aware that people rewrite books (and movies) all the time. (And just because I write it does not mean I expect, or even want, it to be published.) I am currently working on a story whose conception started with an “I could write a story just like XX, only way cooler.” And while working on this WIP, I had one of those splendid moments where I sat back, took a breath and realized:

I am a genius.

This was, without a doubt, a totally awesome, moving scene. The characters were interesting, the plot was both intense and mysterious, and the pacing was going well. It’s so good, it could be a movie. I wonder what sort of payout writers get when their book becomes a movie. I could be rich.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that anyone else will see it that way (especially an editor), but those moments of genius are fantastic. Who else has felt that?

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