Foreign Friday: Oh My Goddess!

This week’s Foreign Friday is Oh My Goddess! by Kosuke Fujishima.

The Story

A wrong number dialed from his dorm room on a Saturday night connects Keiichi Morisato to the Goddess Technical Help Line. When the goddess Belldandy shows up and tells him she will grant him one wish, he jokingly wishes that she would stay with him always. To both his and Belldandy’s surprise, the wish is granted and Keiichi’s life will never be the same.

The Characters

Keiichi is a good guy who simply has really bad luck, every single day. Belldandy has good luck, is good at domestic chores, and is incredibly naive about most things in the human world. If it weren’t for the rest of the world (including Belldandy’s two sisters, Urd and Skuld), they would be a simple, quiet, happy couple. But then we wouldn’t have much of a story…

What I Thought

This series is essentially a situation comedy. The two main characters are pleasant, but the real fun is brought in by the host of secondary characters that create the problems for Keiichi and his goddess. Unique to this series is Fujishima’s use of Norse mythology; many of the names and characteristics of the goddesses and demons come for Norse legends. Belldandy and her two sisters are named for the Norse three fates (Belldandy is present, Urd is past, and Skuld is future), and their heavenly home, Ygdrasil is a good example. Overall its a lighthearted series, currently at 41 volumes available in English in the U.S.

There is also an anime series, titled Ah! My Goddess which is also lighthearted and fun.

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