Foreign Friday: Baby and Me

This week’s Foreign Friday title is Baby and Me by Marimo Ragawa.

The Story

Since his mother passed away, it has become Takuya’s job to look after his baby brother Minoru while their father works. He’s sacrificed a normal childhood in exchange for cooking, sewing and scolding, and finds it difficult to love the little brother that is responsible.

The Characters

Takuya is a boy struggling to learn how to function without a mother. As a character there is a lot to connect with (especially for older readers) as he struggles with his new responsibilities while still trying to be a boy. The younger brother, Minoru, is charming and provides the comic relief in a story that reflects the hardships of  daily life.

What I Thought

This is a good series. There is no amazing action and no romantic drama, but there is the emotional pull of a family overcoming the loss of a loved one and the new roles each has to take to fill in the gap. I’m surprised by how much I actually enjoyed the series, but Baby and Me is a story that’ll have the strongest pull in older readers. It’s definitely worth the read and is complete at 18 volumes, all available in English in the U.S.

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