Patience, My Young Padawan

It’s April- and I want it to be May. The workweek just started, and I want it to be Friday. My WIP just got past a crucial scene, but I want to be at the next climax NOW. This is the season where I have the least patience, especially with myself. The sun is out (at least sporadically), I’ve got some good music playing, and I want to get going already!

I have had many people come up to me lately asking about my progress on the sequel to Universe of the Soul: Adri Adept. While I have finished the first draft, I am at the editing phase, which is never an exciting phase to describe to fans who want to read it now. While their enthusiasm is flattering (if people keep asking, then the first one couldn’t have been too bad, right?), their impatience tends to rub off on me. Dang, I wish I could publish it now! Alas, I have to be content with the wonderfully vague assurance “soon.”

It’ll be April soon. It’ll be Friday soon. I’ll get to that next climax soon, and I’ll get to it sooner if I actually sit down and do some serious composing. I have to be content with my own admonishment, reportedly given to a stranger in a grocery store under the age of 5: “You gotsta be patient!”

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