Foreign Friday: Happy Endings?

I’m currently home with a cold, and so instead of giving you a new title to review, I will only be making some comments on a couple of series that have ended since I gave their review. The two titles are Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa and xxxHolic by CLAMP.

Fullmetal Alchemist

The ending was excellent. Arakawa did a fantastic job putting all the details in place for an ending that had an epic climax, with good action, character development completion, and even a moral lesson. She finished all the side plots, put finishing touches on all the minor characters, and generally concluded the whole story with satisfaction. What happened? Well, you’d have to read the series, complete in the U.S. now in 27 volumes.


Well, the series was definitely CLAMP. Intricate, deep, and with an ending that was bittersweet. Unlike it’s counterpart Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles however, this series felt as though the ending was tacked on. I get the feeling that CLAMP either didn’t know how to best end the series, or they were too pressed for time, because the ending felt rushed, and left some things up in the air. Things that came across as very important earlier in the series, are given a backseat and a vague description at the end. There was no definite conclusion (although perhaps that was CLAMP’s intent). It was still a great series, finishing out at 19 volumes.

Curious about their plots and my initial reviews? Check them out! Fullmetal Alchemist or xxxHolic

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