Where Are You Write Now?

Space. The final frontier, or a whole new world.

Medieval times. Historical, fantastical.

The present. Real time or a scifi version of now; doesn’t matter.

Somewhere new. Utterly Yours, with a few touches of realness.

Setting in stories is often one of the biggest reasons those readers who don’t know you from Adam is going to pull your book of the shelf and at least glance at the cover art. It came as a surprise to me when I realized that where my stories took place would determine what genre, and ergo, what pool of people would be most likely to read what I wrote. I consider myself an eclectic reader, so while I thought “I want a regency period romance” or “I want some brutal sword fighting and slaughter,” it never occurred to me that where the story took place was my deciding factor on what to read.

I like to write in my own space – and I don’t mean the fact that my favorite writing spot is my bed. My characters need full reign, so I usually invent the space they’ll inhabit (such as the town they live in, or an entire universe), but some people are able to write their peeps right into the fabric of space in time (historic fiction is awesome at this). Someday I may be able to write at that level, but it is not this day.

My advice to you writers out there is to set your story in a place you’re most comfortable. It may be your hometown, it may be the Antebellum South, or it may be on a planet far, far away. If you the creator feels awkward about the setting of the story, then your characters are going to feel awkward too. Go forth! Find the place where you and your characters can live (and die, and fall in and out of love)!

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