Foreign Friday: Wanted

This week’s Foreign Friday title is Wanted by Matsuri Hino.

The Story

In the Mediterranean at end of the 17th century, former songstress Armeria disguises herself as a boy and boards the ship of the pirate Skulls — the man who kidnapped Luce, her first love. Captain Skulls is arrogant, violent, and a skirt chaser! And unfortunately for Armeria, he discovers she’s a woman!

The Characters

Armeria, or “Artie” is a talented singer with a serious frame of mind and impressive determination. Captain Skulls is arrogant, handsome, and keeps more than one secret up his sleeve. Together they make an entertaining pair.

What I Thought

Wanted! is a fun, lighthearted romantic comedy. Although it is only one volume long and is an incomplete work, Hino gives the reader an entertaining series of events without a serious, overarching plot that would have been left dangling. I am particularly fond of Hino’s art style, which can been seen in her other works such as Vampire Knight and Captive Hearts. Armeria and Skulls’ relationship is what holds the series of chapters together. A fun read.

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