Yes, I Know What I’m Doing…Probably

Success! After nearly a month of inaction, I finally put finger to keyboard and made some actual progress with my  current manuscript! Of course, at that point I had forgotten a few details of the current situation, and so I had to back read a few chapters (I love reading my own stuff, I’m such a fan!). Once those chapters were re examined, I made a few paragraphs of steady progress and then hit the wall that had caused the original delay.

Second guessing the plot.

Do I want them to analyze the situation and thereby move on to the next stage, or do I want some action since it’s been a lot of talking and (since I’m writing in first person) monologuing? I had a originally planned for some analysis, but I want some action in there… nothing worse than a story that starts good and then gets boring. Ultimately I compromised: I’ll have them start the analysis, and then throw some action in there, since I have a good throw-in action sequence that will liven things up and add a bit the analysis.

I know what I’m doing. Probably.

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  1. Patrick
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 20:40:00

    Have you come up with a title for your next book?


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