No Power? Read-a-thon!

Like a lot of Western Washington, I lost power last week due to the snow and freezing rain that graced us with their presence. When the trees finally started divesting themselves of their frozen coats with the sound and image of “Spring Comes Violently To Narnia,” I hadn’t written anything (odd, but my computer needs power to run…) but I hadn’t been idle either.

I read. About 5 novels. 6 if you count the one I read twice.

Power outages can be fun; getting to use candles, making worst-case scenario plans, using the gas fireplace as more than a decoration. But after a while, you really start wishing the lights would turn on as you reflexively flick a light switch, or you realize that your phone is on its last bar and the power trucks have yet to be sighted in your area. Since I prefer writing on my computer, it was up to my stack of library books to keep me going, and when the light failed and I got tired of holding a flashlight, it was up to the new kindle and it’s book light conveniently installed in its case to pass the time. Ah, a reader’s bliss.

What’s a little snow and no electricity when you have a stack of good books and an ice clad excuse to do nothing but read them?

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  1. Patrick
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 00:14:37

    Same here, the only day I had class was on Tuesday. Lucky for us we didn’t loose power, the only bad thing our furnace went out on Saturday or Sunday.


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