Is it Normal Now?: The Post Holiday Haze

So much seems to happen over the holidays that I lose track of things that I normally do on a regular basis, such as writing. But now that we’ve settled into January, I feel that it’s time to get back on track. Except…

The last volume of Fullmetal Alchemist came out.

The second-to-last volume of xxxHolic also came out.

I feel obliged to wear out my kindle batter at record speed.

I discovered the author Robin McKinley, and have clogged my library waitlist with her titles.

In the middle of December I got a lot of books from the library, still waiting for me.

New anime comes out this month.

I have to do something with the pile of Christmas mugs I received that currently occupy the space where my computer sits on my desk.

…Well, the last one is a bit pitiful, but there you go. For a while I merely put the idea of writing/editing any work of mine away and lolled in the post-holiday slothfullness that comes with a prolonged holiday. And then, new stimulus came: a new CD.

I’ve beaten the “music is a wonderful inspiration” horse, but let me add another whack. Early in December, I watched the 3rd Bleach anime movie, Fade to Black. I don’t care if you like anime or not, the score is nothing to scoff at. At least, it got my stagnant creative mind moving. I ordered the CD, but it never arrived (Amazon did refund me though). After a month of waiting, I finally got ahold of the music. I listened to it several times.

I think I just may be back in business!

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