Foreign Friday: The Magic Touch

“Please, let me massage you!” – The Magic Touch

This week’s Foreign Friday entry is The Magic Touch by Izumi Tsubaki.

The Story

The star of her high school’s Massage Research Society’s club, Chaiki Togu is otherwise a normal, quiet girl until she falls in love at first sight with a gorgeous back – a back that happens to belong to Yousuke, the hottest guy at her school! Unfortunately, Chiaki’s attraction to Yousuke is thwarted by her own insecurity and the scheming of other girls, especially her twin sister Sayaka.

The Charaters

Chiaki and Yousuke are classic shojo characters, Chiaki quiet, sweet and naive, Yousuke cool, handsome and a little cynical. This doesn’t make them any less likable, and they make a good window into Tsubaki’s world of high school romance. Other characters are a little more unique, and give the story it’s character diversity.

What I Thought

It’s a high school romance, focused around massage. Ahh….massage! If this were really allowed at school, I would have loved it! Tsubaki makes the massage club the focal point throughout the series, overshadowing even  Chiaki and Yousuke’s relationship. At times this seems to confuse the plot, since random story arcs appear highlighting other characters involved in the massage club. Tsubaki’s strongest suit is character backstories, which are varied, interesting, and touching, but are often dropped into the story unexpectedly. The series is still an enjoyable read, completed in 9 volumes.

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