Foreign Friday: Rumic Theater

We’re back! This week’s Foreign Friday is Rumic Theater, a collection of short stories by Rumiko Takahashi.

The Story

Originally published in an anthology for adult readers, this collection of ix tender tales about the trials and tribulations of daily life are all infused with Takahashi’s unique brand of magical realism.

The Characters

Since the book is an anthology of different stories, the characters are all different. Most of them are adults, as this manga is aimed for an older audience.

What I Thought

I have to admit that I love Takahashi’s brand of humor, and her portrayal of daily life comes across as both comedic and touching. While the manga is geared for an older audience, I felt that it was accessible to all readers and was easy to enjoy. Her style of humor tends to be on the “ridiculous-funny” side, best seen in her series Ranma 1/2 and to a lesser extent Rin-Ne. If you just want to sit back and have some laughs, this is a good book to pick up.

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