Past the Point of No Return: NaNoWriMo Update 2

Huff huff huff…okay, here’s the current scoop.

My story is really flying at over 36,00o words. Okay, maybe 30% of it is unnecessary articles and adjectives, but that still leaves 60% progress on a new story! The characters are coming together, the plot is nearing my “original scene idea” and the self-challenges are coming along. Mostly. Let’s just say I need more work on writing in the 1st person. Ahem, anyway…

Here’s where the real challenge begins. It’s just over the halfway point of the NaNoWriMo challenge, and it may sound like I’ve got this in the bag, but this is where it really becomes a CHALLENGE. Remember the holidays? Apparently they still occur even during a month long writing challenge. Goodbye hours of holing up in my room, hello hours of sitting in a car on Snoqualmie Pass, hoping traction tires are just advised.

I can only hope my lap top battery can outlast the bad weather reports…

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